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Pre design

In this initial stage, we make contact with the object of the design. The needs and requirements of the customers are gathered and the strategy of intervention and the overall approach of the project is established. These general guidelines of the project will be refined and detailed in later stages.

Basic design project

At this stage, the general characteristics of the project are defined in detail. In addition, the necessary documentation is elaborated to obtain municipal licenses and other authorizations. The basic project must contain all the elements to guarantee the urban viability of the project. Criteria previously established with the client is adapted to current regulations.

Design development project

This phase involves a complete and detailed determination of the materials, constructive systems and the equipment to be used. The implementation project defines in detail the construction process, the calculation and design of the structural systems and facilities. In addition, the budgets of the work and materials are defined more accurately.

Project management

In this stage, the project is executed under the coordination of the architect with the technical team. During this phase, numerous decisions are adopted at the technical and aesthetic level. We also offer the complete management and coordination of works, freeing the client from those responsibilities.

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